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It won’t happen to us…

The internet has many advantages. Most businesses have now become nearly totally reliant on emails and the internet to conduct business. And we’ve all heard those scare stories of people who fall for scams. They’re all lonely viewers of adult sites and naïve, right? Wrong.

Our lessons from this?

Luck of the Irish?

If I said we could learn something from the Irish, you’d say it might be a good joke, right? Well, I think we can learn a lot from other countries experiences, and I'm not talking about how to drink Guinness either! My taste isn’t that acquired.

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Are You Getting What You Pay For?

Following on from the last edition of our Newsletter (“Who’s Responsibility”), there has been particular interest in how to get employees to take proper responsibility and ownership of their duties, and amazement at how much tax Rio Tinto (and other companies) pay compared to what we get for it.  So how do you judge Value for Money? With deals and discounts aplenty, the tendency has been to expect the cake but pay only for the base. How else do you explain for instance the complaint from a cruise ship passenger who booked an inside cabin and complained that the cabin didn’t have Ocean views? I guess you received what you paid for? The annoying part is when the opposite occurs. Here’s some examples.

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Who's Responsibility?

Who’s responsibility is it to teach (and learn) Responsibility? The irresponsible (but increasingly commonly accepted) answer is: Somebody Else. One day, hopefully soon, I’ll find this person named Somebody Else. They have a huge load to carry, and must be so intuitively smart to have all the answers, that the experience will surely be like meeting God.

Role Responsibility


Computer (or Mobile App) Games are usually seen as something anti-social, very time consuming, and almost evil. I don’t usually have the time to even try, but decided to take an interest in a game called Hayday that my kids enjoyed. It’s a Farming Commerce game, and I now encourage my kids to play it regularly. Why? Well, it’s actually teaching them the basics of running and growing a small business.

Transport Habits

And the Winner is...

Thank you for everyone that entered the RD Williams Facebook $500 Competition.

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What - Education?

“We don’t need no Education – We don’t need no Self Control” – not many people wouldn’t be aware of Pink Floyds epic song ‘Another Brick in the Wall’, and instantly connect these basic words to a slow and captivating beat. The fact that so many people have learned the lyrics/tune is astounding, especially when the words themselves say we don’t need to learn things or conform – kind of hypocritical. It’s a great song, but I’ll disagree with the lyrics in that I think we need both education and perhaps even more self control (personal responsibility).

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“Like” Discrimination

Whether we like it or not, discrimination has existed in all societies since inception. Unfortunately, as society evolves, it’ll continue to increase and become more prevalent because communication is increasingly instant and easily distributed.

Internet Discrimination

Tips to get the most out of your Rock Breaker

Here is our top tips to get the most out of your Rock Breaker.

Top tips

Reaching for Robotic Rock Breakers

Queensland Rock BreakersThe ability to remotely control mining equipment not only removes people from hazardous and inhospitable working environments, it offers opportunities for increased efficiency, productivity and profitability in mining and construction.  Research conducted at the CSIRO will enable the safe and effective use of telerobotic control of mining equipment over distances of thousands of kilometres.  To offer operators increased levels of immersion and robotic control, the technology was trialled in 2008 on a rock breaker machine operated at Rio Tinto’s West Angeles iron ore mine and controlled by an operator at a distance of 1,000km away in Perth.

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