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Getting paid

Cash flow is like blood flowing through our body – when it stops, so too does everything else. After having been great customers for over 25 years, we have unfortunately seen some established and historically well run businesses go into Administration or Receivership recently because they have been caught out doing work for another company that then failed to pay on time or at all. Of course businesses should reduce this risk by limiting the portion of your business that relies on one customer, but in practice this is easier said than done.

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What lies ahead

Our January edition is usually dedicated to bringing our readers up to date on changes affecting our industry for the coming year, as well as using the misty crystal ball to see where we think we’re all headed. This time, thankfully (?), the changes column is quite bare.

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Handy piece of equipment

PneuVibe Compaction Plates

By adding a versatile PneuVibe Compactor Plate to their range of attachments has given the GWT Earthmoving fleet more flexibility in meeting the requirements of a variety of works.

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Expand your business with Excavator Attachment finance

In an increasingly competitive earthmoving industry, it’s never been more important to have the right attachments for your fleet of excavators and other earthmoving machines. By having an extensive range of attachments to complement your machines, it can allow you to compete for and potentially win additional earthmoving jobs that you’ve previously missed out on. Furthermore, the right attachment can make a significant difference to the productivity on your current job site.

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Tips to maximise the life of your machine undercarriage

The durability of your machine’s undercarriage components is affected by three important factors: ground conditions, how the machine is operated and the correct machine settings. By regularly inspecting your undercarriage, you can identify any minor problems before they turn into expensive costly issues.

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Always know your numbers

A friend of mine recently asked for some assistance in analysing how his business was going. The few jobs we looked at in more detail were actually done at a loss, and it was clear fairly quickly that his business was in trouble. So we sat down and listed what his income and expenses were (to work out his cash flow) as well as what his Assets and corresponding liabilities were. I was fortunate a few years ago to have a mentor who had a saying he drilled into me: “Always know your numbers”.

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Changing values

Only four years ago, the global mining sector (defined as all Mining and Exploration stocks in the world measured by SNL Metals and Mining) was worth nearly $USD2.5 trillion. Now, the 2,684 listed companies have dropped below $USD1 trillion. This is both distressing and interesting at the same time. As exploration has continued, more resources have been added than has been depleted in that time, yet the markets now value these companies Assets and income prospects to be merely 40% of what they were.

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Power to the people

Every time we get a power bill, the thought pops up how nice it would be to disconnect from the grid and become totally self sufficient. After all, we’ve all heard the news that there are now battery solutions coming onto the market that will make this option a possibility in the not too distant future. (By the way, in Australia we haven’t even started on the 10 Tesla battery trial sites that will still rely on diesel generators for back up, so it’s still a few years away from becoming a mainstream product, and won’t be as clean as most people think, but better than a pipe dream).

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Burning out of control

Something dawned on me last week – we need things to have gone too far and be so visible we can’t possibly turn a blind eye before we do something meaningful about them. Apparently there were two major new events: people leaving their home country for a better future (the refugees from Syria and other nations), and domestic violence.

Weather Vanes

Put to good use?

“It’s been put to good use” can mean so many things: That it’s had a good run for you? Flogged and worn out? Been used for more and better purposes than initially intended?

Obviously there are many variables, and it can be difficult to objectively gauge. Looking at Utilisation is one way to measure this, as is looking at the cost versus financial benefit derived.

Optimum Utilisation

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