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January News from RD Williams

In this month’s latest news offering, we focus on industry predictions for 2017, dispelling “non-genuine” misinformation, and a fun POP QUIZ for you all! Read on to find out more…

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INDUSTRY UPDATE: Toowoomba Second Range Crossing

Construction of the Toowoomba Second Range Crossing is progressing full steam ahead. Let’s get digging this New Year, with the tools you need from RDW.

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Out With The New, In With The Old: Benefits Of Used Machinery

When it comes to purchasing heavy machinery you want to make sure you’re buying the best machinery to suit your needs. Many assume that brand new machinery is the best choice. But this simply isn’t true.

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Know Your Componentry: New, Used and Reconditioned Components

When it comes to purchasing heavy machinery components, you want to make sure you’re buying the optimum solution to suit your needs. You are making a substantial investment into the future life of your machine, after all.

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November News from RD Williams

In this month's latest news offering, we focus on the pitfalls of modern consumerism - buyer beware! From environmentally (supposedly) friendly energy, to machinery maintenance, and unfair contracts for workers. There is a lot to stay on top of! Are you prepared when it matters most? Read on to find out...

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What are you really buying? Pt 2.

Our previous Newsletter (click here) covered why new replacement parts are increasing in popularity, with now even major construction and mining companies gradually understanding the benefits. These products provide product improvements to overcome issues with the original parts as well as a reduced total cost of ownership. This edition goes through some considerations you need to make when choosing where to get your new replacement parts from.

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What are you really buying? Pt 1.

Why are customers increasingly asking us for new replacement parts, even when we can supply the original equipment manufacturers’ part?

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Going, going, sold your way?

Much like going to the horse races, there’s a buzz in going to the auctions.  But the similarities don’t end there – people will proudly tell you about their “wins”, but usually not about the times they went in over their heads and paid too much or bought something which wasn’t what they thought it was. The truth is, most of us have bought and sold goods through an auction at some point, and it’s very different to buying from a conventional business. So what are some of the considerations to making it work? 

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Think like your customers

Part of keeping a business in front of competitors is to stay abreast of developments. We recently asked for some unbiased external advice in relation to marketing, in particular about what the “new” developments are. What we found was quite interesting, but I was also amazed at how common it was to forget to think like your customers.

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Rules & Order

Singapore Port

Ever wonder why some succeed where others fail? Every young punk fan probably dreamt of anarchy and not playing by the rules. When one or two people do this, it’s largely just a nuisance to others, but if you take this to its extension, you end up with totally lawless societies consisting of survival of the fittest and eventually a violent dictatorship. Back to square one for the ideological anarchists.

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