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Car Wash

How to wash your car with one bucket of water.

How Do I Choose the Best Used Excavator Parts?

Excavator Undercarriage Parts

Even the toughest working machines need a little TLC occasionally.   In fact, due to the tough job that most excavators have, it is likely that some or even most excavator parts will eventually need to be replaced.   Luckily, almost any part of an excavator can be replaced and at the RD Williams Excavator Parts Workshop we are here to help.

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Ironic Business Blunders

With lots of chest beating from many businesses lately about improving efficiencies and productivity, below is a short list of some blunders that perhaps show how far removed some businesses are from what goes on:

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Looks Do Matter

WYSIWYG – What You See Is What You Get, started off as an acronym in the IT world (they love them!), but is a great term that summarises one of the fundamentals of Marketing. It encapsulates more than just the vital first 7 seconds we have to make that all important first impression because it includes an assessment of the whole package that a purchaser reviews when they look to buy from a business. I’ll give you an example of how one business can get it right when another gets it wrong, even with the same starting point and a smaller budget.

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RD Williams Attends Australian Construction Equipment Expo 2012

The 2012 Australian Construction Equipment Expo is going to be held from 4-6 October 2012 at the RNA Showgrounds at Bowen Hills. Attendees are able to see and explore the latest range of equipment, newest products and latest innovations in the industry. The expo attracts over 4,000 visitors who are enthused at having the opportunity to have construction equipment buyers and suppliers side by side. RD Williams is looking forward to being part of the successful event.

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Navigating Stormy Waters

Nobody can to predict where our economy is headed. It’s interesting to listen to the debates, with opinions ranging from the “Chicken Littles – the sky is falling in” doomsayers to the Eternal Optimists “we’ve hit bottom, and things can only go up”. There is no definitive answer as there are too many variables, but by reading the forecasts, we can chart a path to future prosperity.

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Mirror, mirror, on the wall… It’s fascinating the associations we all make when we rightly or wrongly categorise someone based on an object they own or a viewpoint that they have. For instance, we tend to stereotype people based on what car they drive. Drive a Ferrari, you’re a well off show off, but perhaps “lacking” in other areas of life. Drive a Prius, and you want to be perceived as “green”, but the truth is that over the life cycle of the car (considering battery replacements etc), it’s a purchase that doesn’t stack up financially and not environmentally either, reflecting instead on the buyer as “green” in terms of investment nous.

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Just Sleeping

We spend about a third of our lives asleep. I’m a medical novice, but know that sleep is an important aspect of maintaining good health. There are however many types of sleep, some better for you than others, and I’ll stick to some business layman’s explanations below:

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What do you pay for Productivity?

A number of people appear to be surprised that Ford is shedding a further 440 jobs only a couple of months after receiving hundreds of Millions of tax payer money to prop up jobs with the company. Further, it appears that the Falcon will stop soaring altogether and crash to the ground in a couple of years’ time. Anyone who is surprised by this shouldn’t be, Ford and a growing proportion of Australian Manufacturers have been incurring growing losses for years. Throwing money at a problem without addressing the cause of the issue is akin to flushing notes down the toilet. Despite protectionist measures (high taxes on imported products, which in turn drives up prices for consumers), our manufacturing sector remains uncompetitive due to a number of factors:

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Catch 22

Catch 22 was a phrase coined in 1961 from a novel by Joseph Heller, and refers to a situation a person is subject to but has no control over. He was referring to the situation at war times when drafted air force fighter pilots were sent on missions facing nearly certain death. The only way they could leave their positions was to be declared insane by a psychologist, however the act of asking for a psych test in the first place to avoid further duty proved their sanity. Referred to as a Catch 22, solving one part of a problem merely creates another problem that leads back to the original issue. In other words, the only options available are bad options. We experience them all too regularly in our lives. How would you respond to any of the below instances?

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