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Machine of the Month - Caterpillar D6T Dozer for Sale

Machine of the Month - Caterpillar D6T Dozer for Sale

Our featured machine this month is a Caterpillar D6T Dozer, an absolute earth moving powerhouse suitable for a range of applications. If you’re looking to buy a Caterpillar dozer then we are offering the choice of two machines from our Rocklea site near Brisbane, Queensland. Caterpillar machinery is one of the most well-recognised class leaders in the heavy machinery sector and these two D6T Dozers are no exception.

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Super Prophets

If you could make a Million dollars for comparatively very little effort, would you do it? Just think for a minute about what you would do with it. More holidays? Buy some nice luxury items, perhaps a yacht or a nicer home? Or just be able to eat out when you want to?

Superannuation saving

The Greatest Moral Challenge of our time

Three men walk into a bar - you would have thought one of them would have seen it. Bet you didn’t see that one coming – wonder if the bar tender or bar owner did - they’re probably the ones who would front up to court when some “No Win-No fee” lawyer advised the three men they could all sue for damage and injury.

Three men walk into a bar

Optimum Performance and Durability with PneuVibe Compaction Plates

PneuVibe Compaction Plates

PneuVibe’s series of boom operated compactor plates is a quality addition to RD Williams’ range of products. They offer in-field tested high performance compaction equipment to suit the needs of workers in the civil, mining and industrial construction industries. All of PneuVibe’s equipment is Australian-made to support local workers and production facilities.


Machine of the Month - Caterpillar 773F Rigid Dump Truck for Sale

Caterpillar 773F Rigid Dump Truck for Sale

We have a Caterpillar 773F Rigid Dump Truck for sale at our Rocklea operation near Brisbane, Queensland. It is a 2011 model with 2,600 hours of operation time to its name. It has nominal payload capacity which is based on its high-impact steel body that features a 20mm steel floor. 

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The Largest 28-Tonne Rock Breaker in Africa

The Largest 28-Tonne Rock Breaker in Africa

A Swedish industrial company has created a mammoth rock breaker capable of the most extreme earthmoving projects. A  South African based company that is the world’s largest primary producer of platinum is the proud recipient of the largest pedestal boom rock breaker in Africa. The South African company is is already at the forefront of leading earthmoving and mining equipment; as their crusher is the largest primary gyrator in the Southern Hemisphere.

Features of the rock breaker

RD Williams Loves the Dancing JCB Digger

Party tricks are always enjoyable and for the case of Wilf Brown his trick took his children’s school fete exhibition by storm. One year his children requested that he take his JCB digger to the school celebration and show the crowd how the back bucket could burst a balloon. Wilf took the show-and-tell to a new level by manoeuvring the digger in some unusual ways.

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Is bigger, better?

The world’s largest online retailer, Amazon (started in 1994 as an online book retailer, and largely responsible for the death of traditional book stores) just purchased the venerable Washington Post, which had been in operation for 125 years. The purchase price ($250M) was the equivalent of 0.18% of the market capitalisation of Amazon. The situation highlights the theme from last month’s newsletter where Online sales are overtaking traditional sales approaches at breathtaking speeds. Amazon’s sales last quarter were $15.7 billion, an increase of 22% on the same quarter last year. So, is bigger, better?

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A Hybrid Caterpillar 336E H Offers Green Vehicle Technology

A Hybrid Caterpillar 336E H Offers Green Vehicle Technology

Caterpillar has decided to jump on the green technology bandwagon with their new Hybrid 336E H excavator. There is no reason why hybrid technology should be reserved for transport vehicles as earthmoving equipment generates and uses large amounts of power which in turn increases operational costs for construction projects and equipment owners.

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Excavators To Be Used in Search for World War II Spitfires

Excavators To Be Used in Search for World War II Spitfires

When David Cundall conceived the idea of going in search of forgotten British fighter planes, his idea was met with uncertainty. Cundall is a farmer, private pilot and plane enthusiast who has been plotting the resurrection of the Spitfire aircraft for two decades. He has been actively investigating historical records that suggest that the fighter planes are carefully buried beneath the Yangon airfield near Myanmar city (Burma).

World War II Spitfires

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