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Hill TEFRA – Leading Quick Hitch Legislation

Hill TEFRA – Leading Quick Hitch Legislation

Quick hitch manufacturer - Hill Engineering Ltd is based in Newry, Northern Ireland and has over 20 years’ experience of designing industry leading quick hitch /coupler solutions. In 2010, Hill had the foresight to redesign their hydraulic quick hitch in order to improve safety standards globally. The TEFRA quick hitch (coupler) as not only met these legislative requirements, but exceeded them. This has led to numerous independent awards for innovation, with the company receiving the highest business accolade in the UK – The Queens Award for Innovation.

TEFRA quick hitch

What’s the cost to your business?

What’s the cost to your business?

Here’s a tip for anyone selling anything: you need to understand features and benefits. Whilst features are all well and good (fastest, most compact, prettiest or whatever), it is actually the benefits that the customer pays attention to. So what if it is the fastest?

So what if it is the fastest?

I was wrong…

Booms are Good

“I was wrong once. It was when I thought I was wrong, but I was actually right”. It’s a saying I’ve used many times in the past… Unfortunately I don’t know its origin, but I guess it goes hand in hand with a reluctance to admit fault.

Booms are Good

Be a Budget winner!

Because Budgets bore most people, here is a short summary for our industry on how you can be a winner from last nights’ Federal Budget.

Federal Budget

The Contrarian View

The Contrarian View

Australian Mining companies are going through their annual reporting, with announcements of record production and overall fairly good results considering the falling commodities market. Well, sort of. As new mines come on line, our production volumes have increased, and hence so has turnover.

How are our Miners doing?

Why so Gloomy?

I Love returning to work after being overseas. Truly, I do, because I work with great people in a great company and we make exciting things happen. The trip overseas reminds me that we live in a great country with so much going for it – we have the best environment and climate, world leading living standards across the board with comparatively very little homelessness, good employment conditions, schools and hospitals etc. 

Paid to do what?

Ham Goes Back to Back in Darwin

Ham Goes Back to Back in Darwin

Steven Ham has put himself back in the title fight for the Australian Top Alcohol Championship by winning round six at Darwin’s Hidden Valley Dragstrip last weekend.

Australian Top Alcohol Championship

Nothing to see here

All the Comedy fans out there will immediate associate “Nothing to See here, move along” with Frank Drebin in Naked Gun 2 1/2, standing in front of a burning Fire works factory. The scene tells a thousand words.

The Gas Lighter

It isn't Fair

“What about me, it isn’t fair, I’ve had enough now I want my share, Can’t you see? I wanna live! But you just take more than you give” – Moving Pictures, or for our Gen Y readers – sung more recently by Shannon Noll

But what is Fair?

Making the Best Choices

The NSW WorkCover Position Paper on Quick Hitches for Excavators and Loaders takes effect on the 1st of May. For full details on the requirements click here. RD Williams recommends that when purchasing your new machine or replacing an existing hitch, you request the best, and insist on a Tefra quick coupler. 

Request the Best

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