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Transform your profits

“Change or perish” – never in history has this saying been truer in business. It has never been more important to find that competitive advantage than now, and the ALLU Transformer is one such development that is changing the dynamics in the earth moving industry. The Allu Transformer is set to revolutionise everything from product recycling, through to on site material processing. If you are looking for a way to transform your profits, look at the potential savings with this beauty!

D series pipeline

QLD Rock Breakers (QRB) is now the proud importer to the ALLU range of products into Australia. Whilst the product has been imported into Australia for a few years, it has been a well-kept secret because of the lack of support and promotion. Powered by RDW, this is set to change, with a fantastic amount of pre-orders already. We will be stocking the main models, and as always, we understand the importance in standing behind all that we do by carrying parts and consumables to keep you running when you need it most.

So what is the big fuss? Don’t make the common mistake of confusing this for a crusher bucket. It is also very different to a screening bucket. In essence, it is an attachment with counter rotating shafts fitted with cams that break up the product. The easiest way to understand is to see it in action.

Open your mind to the opportunities and how you can benefit. Here are some examples of applications where this product works:

Pipeline and trenching – several of the pre-sold units from the first shipments (yes, they sold before even landing here) are going to work on pipeline projects. The excavated material gets dumped next to the trench. By using the Transformer, this material can be re-used and processed to compactable size in one movement from the side or top of the trench by sorting usable material from oversized waste material, partly eliminating the cost of importing considerable quantities of backfill material. This reduces waste material and the number of processes and movements (and hence machine time), and gives a better filling of the trench which improves compaction time and results.

Recycling – there are many applications available, but QRB have trialled the Transformer in the difficult bottled glass recycling environment. With current technologies, the site needs to accumulate significant stock piles before getting in a screening plant at considerable cost on a regular basis to process the glass into smaller particles. These plants still can’t process laminates or thick bottle bottoms, and handling the product requires multiple steps (loading onto the screening plant, unloading, relocating to a new storage pile, before loading for export or final processing). The Allu transformer means that the product can be handled in one step as it arrives. Space utilisation is improved enormously as the site can re-think the need for stock piles. There is a huge saving by avoiding the multiple steps in processing, and last but not least: the final product is improved. The glass bottoms get broken up (as opposed to having to be separated and disposed of), and by-products (like plastics) remain in the bucket after screening and can be separated from the primary product.

Other applications yet to be tapped into include Mining, Asphalt & road works, and Civil & Construction. The applications are too numerous to run through individually, but the key way to look at this is like Bob the Builder: Reduce, Re-use, Recycle. Think of the steps which simply cost you money:

-          Like having to remove spoil from site (for instance bricks) and possibly transport replacement product back to site (like fill). Not only can it reduce your transport cost, but your waiting time for replacement materials as well.

-          How many truck loads can you save if the product could be more compact reducing the air space in each load?

-          Reduce steps that don’t add value, like simply moving the product around – process it in the same step if you can.

-          Can you Re-use materials that are now a waste product?

-          Alternate technologies struggle if the product has a certain amount of moisture – what if you can sieve wet soil/material? Would it expedite your project time frame?

We are yet to fully understand the full benefits of this product, but through excellent support from the Scandinavian manufacturer, our steep learning curve is opening up nearly endless opportunities. Please feel free to contact our sales team to see how we can help you save money in your application and business.

ALLU Pipeline project    ALLU D CAT EXC 

Visit us at Diesel Dirt and Turf (DDT) – Stand 127 & 128

RDW Excavator Parts and QLD Rock Breakers will be showcasing some of our unique and innovative products at the 2018 DDT show. This will be an opportunity for you to touch and feel our Allu Transformer, Maxbrio vibrating ripper, Simex planers and rotary twin head cutters, as well as our Everdigm range of rock breakers. We will also be showing some of the extensive range of parts that keeps so many excavators of all brands around the country running, so you can see for yourself the quality of the products we stand behind.

We are delighted to have the support of several factory representatives on our stand, and I will be there proudly alongside other key people from our business to answer any questions you may have, and to get a better understanding of your business and needs. There will also be a prize competition that is sure to set many hearts pounding. Please come by and say hello!

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As always, onwards and upwards!

Fred Carlsson

General Manager

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